Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Dressers that made a Statement!

Its been 4 months since I have had any time to write this blog. I regret it but I don't want to keep regretting it. So here is a little post which marks a good start again! So... today I am going post pictures of 5 totally different dressers which made a huge difference in the rooms they were built in. Here it goes...

I like to call this dresser Surya. We scrubbed and rubbed to make it look old, frayed and antique. The contrast of yellows and blues with ornate brass handles made the corner look brilliantly distinctive. Since it was made for a fabulous dancer friend and that little dance element had to be added, hand-made handles with ghoongroos or bells were installed on the drawers. We also added a touch of golden wrot iron embossing on the deep, rich blue full length mirror with some ghoongroos to match the dresser below. The mirror  and dresser combo looks exquisite!

Another bold red combo was the blue leafed hand-painted mirror dresser & a towel rack hanger! This mishmash looks wonderful with some blue upholstery!

Some just prefer it minimalist. Or we can also call it contemporary! 

A small armoire like dresser with a lovely hand-painted wall around it makes a statement as well. 

A touch of the bohemian style and when there is such little space... what do you do? Make it compact!


  1. Very nice designs. Elegant ones.

  2. Very interesting designs Sonia, not the usual ones! Loved the ghungroo idea on the first dresser :))

    1. Thank you Ambika! I try to keep things different from my previous! :)

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  4. Your welcome. I must say these are unique collections. Keep posting more such decors.

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